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Advanced Configuration

Online session

Students will gain more advanced knowledge of ExtremeCloud IQ - Site Engine tools such as templates, workflows, automations, and integration with ExtremeCloud IQ. Overviews of Extreme Analytics, Extreme Policy Manager, and Extreme Control are included. Students have these concepts reinforced with a hands-on lab experience working with a preconfigured network.

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Online session

This course relies upon the successful completion of the ExtremeCloud SD-WAN Installation and Configuration course and related labs. You will build on this SD-WAN configuration
to analyze the WAN application traffic flows and their distribution among major site types: Bridge mode, Router mode, Hybrid mode and Remote Visibility & Control (RVC). This lab intensive course will show you how best to visualize applications within and across the network and then classify and control their flows in a meaningful way. This will include defining new applications for the application dictionary and then implementing an SD-WAN policy using new and existing application groups (AGs) and QoS profiles. With a focus on supporting day-to-day operations, you’ll develop competencies in using the ExtremeCloud SD-WAN Orchestrator dashboards to recognize and control WAN application flows and generate reports to further visualize your findings.


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