VERSIM is a company specializing in IT technologies, in particular computer networks, in solutions ensuring their security and enabling their management. Versim is a company with added value, offered as a special bonus to all Partners and Customers.
Since 2016, we have been operating as an Authorized Training Center for three manufacturers: Extreme Networks, Techstep and Gigaset Pro, which means that we provide certified training in accordance with their certification paths and procedures. However, we focus primarily on technical, certified Extreme Networks training and this is the core of our activity.
We are the first, and therefore the most experienced, training center in the EMEA and APAC region for the Extreme Certfied Professional program, which is authorized to conduct ECP exams. We offer all technological certification paths available in the Extreme Networks training portfolio.
We also offer personalized, dedicated training, thus meeting the special wishes or needs of Extreme Networks Partners, Distributors or their clients. One of our top proposals is bootcamp training, conducted on-site. We invite participants to our headquarters in Poznań or we go to a place chosen by our clients, after prior arrangement.
In addition to certified training, we also conduct stationary and virtual workshops, all in Polish and English.





As a professional and responsible training center, we provide the highest quality proprietary and certified technical training for engineers who want to expand and improve their skills in the field of computer networks and their security. We conduct trainings using our extensive knowledge and extensive implementation experience, which means that we share with our training participants not only theoretical knowledge, in accordance with applicable standards and requirements of manufacturers, but also practical, strongly supporting them in the training and development process.


Our ambition is to become the highest rated training center on the international market, providing original and certified training in the areas of new technologies, network solutions and IT security.
We want to effectively implement the global training sales policy, which will allow us to achieve ambitious commercial and image goals, and at the same time confirm our position as the first choice training center.



An engineer associated with the technical industry for over 20 years, he started building his professional experience with telecommunications systems and networks, having previously graduated from Electronics and Telecommunications at the Poznań University of Technology. He gained further experience in the field of ICT infrastructure and computer networks, working for many years as an implementation engineer, presales and network administrator. Currently, an extremely experienced engineer and trainer associated with Extreme Networks solutions and technology, an expert with extensive know-how supported by practice and a talent for lecturing and passing on his extensive knowledge to others.

I have always been attracted to technology and I went in this direction by choosing study at the Poznań University of Technology. Currently, I can boast of a large, over 20 years of network experience, supported by a large number of implementations. From the beginning of my career, I shared my knowledge and experience with others, conducting trainings related to various solutions in the broadly understood telecommunications. I have been a certified Extreme Networks instructor for 7 years. Since I’ve started work us an trainer, work has ceased to be just work, it has also become a passion! I have several scientific publications and presentations at conferences. Thanks to my job, I have the opportunity to travel, I like it very much. My paradise on Earth is Italy, I love going there with my family. I’m learning Italian, I’m interested in everything related to this country: culture, food, tradition and music. My free time is also filled with another of my many passions – drums.

Security systems engineer at Versim S.A. with many years of experience in designing and implementing security solutions for LAN, WAN and WLAN networks. From 2022, also a certified trainer at Versim ATP, conducting trainings in Extreme Networks technologies in the online and on-site formula in field of network management, deploy and security. Engineer by passion and approach to life. Privately, he is passionate about motorization and motorsports.”

When I finished my studies at the Poznań University of Technology, I was convinced that, like most of my colleagues, I would work with Cisco Systems equipment, and my professional work would be limited to VLAN configuration and OSPF routing. Fortunately, on my professional path there was an opportunity to design and then implement Extreme Networks solutions. Now I can boast of 10 years of experience in working with these solutions supported by many large projects and installations. A milestone in my career was the introduction of Fabric Connect solutions by Extreme, which completely and forever changed my perception of building backbone and campus networks. Working as a trainer at Versim ATP gives me the opportunity to share my enthusiasm and passion for networks based on the SPB protocol. My second passion is motorization and everything related to it. I am currently in the process of realizing my childhood dream, which has always been to rebuild a classic Ford Mustang V8 from the 60’s.



Security systems engineer at Versim S.A. with many years of experience in the design and implementation of MDM (mobile devices management), PAM (Privileged Access Management) and MFA (Multi-Factor Authenticator) solutions. From 2020, also a certified trainer at Versim ATP, conducting training in MDM in the online and on-site formula in the field of network management, implementation and security. Engineer by passion and approach to life. Privately, he is passionate about motorization and motor sports.

I’m a typical Geek. I have always been interested in the broadly understood “informatics”, and I have devoted a lot of attention to new technologies. I build my own Smarthome on my own and try to implement technological innovations in my life and in the lives of people around me. After graduating from the Technical School of Information Technology, I completed a one-year course in computer graphics, and then studied at the University of Life Sciences in the field of “IT and Agroengineering”. I found it very interesting to combine computer science with another industry. In the second year of studies, I started working at the pharmaceutical company Biofarm Sp. z o.o., of course, in the IT department. After several years of work, I decided to change and started working at Versim S.A. where I am improving my engineering workshop related to network security systems and training as a “teacher” and mentor in the field of security of mobile devices.


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