Training units in VERSIM ATP offer

Versim ATP introduces TRAINING UNITS to its standard trainings offer. If you are only interested, you can buy a single training unit (it means one training day) on invoice and do whatever you want with it.
What is the main idea of training units, well it os very valuable “gift” or document, which you can freely use for instance:
– you can add it to the end user’s project as an added value
– you can give it to the client as a gift
– you can reward your employee giving him or her possibility to improve his / her professional knwoledge and know-how
– you can also add it to your standard offer and earn on training (doing almost nothing, of course you can promot and cooperate closly with us to promote trainings).

Such a training unit is like bitcoin or like gold. It has its own unique and very useful value and you decide where and how you will use it!
A training unit entitles you to register for one day of a selected technical training available as part of ECP (Extreme Certified Professional). The training unit is valid only for trainings conducted by Versim ATP.

Our training units you can buy as a product during whole year.
SKU for one single unit – VTU-01.

All details you find at datasheet.

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