Python Programming – a new training in the Versim ATP offer

From October, our training center will offer (we hope permanently) a completely newn “Python Programming” training. The training combine a knowledge about programming, scripting and automation, very useful on a daily basis in the work of network engineers, handy  especially for those  working actively with EXOS and VOSS switches as well as XIQ-SE management platform.

The training develops coding skills, building scripts for automation and integration with other systems. Divided into theoretical part, during which participants will explore the secrets of knowledge about the language and its possibilities, and a practical one, during which they will code and test the acquired knowledge.

“Python Programming” is a four-day training with a very rich agenda:
Getting Started with Python
• Overview of Python
• Installing Python
• Getting ready to develop

Python Language Fundamentals
• Overview of core Python syntax rules
• Simple data types and variables
• Object essentials
• Flow control

Working with Functions
• The benefit of functions
• Writing and calling functions
• Passing parameters

Exception Handling
• Overview of exceptions in Python
• Handling exceptions
• Raising exceptions
• Design issues

• Overview of collections in Python
• Lists
• Tuples
• Sets
• Dictionaries

Strings and Regular Expressions
• Overview of strings in Python
• Basic string manipulation
• Introduction to regular expressions
• Using regular expressions in Python

Classes and Iterators
• Defining classes
• Instance variables
• Iterators
• Creating and initializing objects

File Handling
• Overview of file handling in Python
• Reading and writing text files
• Working with binary files
• Streaming and serializing Python objects

XML Processing
• XML essentials
• Parsing XML documents
• Searching for XML content
• Generating XML data

Web Services
• Overview of Web services
• Implementing Web services using Python
• Caching
• Compression
• Handling redirects.

The training will be conducted by a experienced, certified trainer. The training is not certified and dosn’t end with an exam. However, after completing the training, each Participant will receive a diploma confirming that they have acquired skills in “Python Programming”.

Registration for the training is possible via our website or by sending an e-mail to the ATP Team:

See course outline.

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