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VERSIM S.A. – distributor of advanced technologies with added value - has been on the market since 2005. From the very beginning, our main goal has been to support Partners in building competitive advantage for the client. Due to professional knowledge, rich experience, high class of products offered and the level of technical services, we always try to be one step further and strive for full satisfaction and success for our Partners.

We started our training activities with online training and stationary technical workshops in a small conference room. We conducted prioprietary trainings with Partners and their clients, during which we shared our knowledge and practice gained over the years. In 2016, we acquired the status of Authorized Training Partner of Extreme Networks solutions, and as the appetite grows as we eat, we quickly expanded our educational portfolio with certification paths from other Vendors: Famoc and Gigaset Pro.

Today, our modern training center with a well-equipped equipment laboratory is visited by students from around the world. We run stationary and virtual workshops in Polish and English. Depending on your needs, you will find certified and proprietary trainings with us, and if you are looking for something else - let us know - together we will create an agenda that meets your needs. Versim ATP trainers raise in their passports more stamps from various parts of the globe, so we can easily come to the training for you.


Our team consists of people with a wide range of competences, supported by valuable practice. Versim ATP trainers are qualified and experienced security system engineers who want to share their knowledge and passion for technology. Their professional and individual approach to students often results in long-term cooperation outside the training room, and the original atmosphere during the workshops makes the participants willingly come back to us for further trainings.

Tomasz Mąkowski

My adventure with WiNG began in 2014, earlier as a student I was one of the administrators of the student network at the Warsaw University of Technology. From 2016, I became the official Zebra trainer in the field of WiFi, RFID and Android terminals. Our cooperation with Versim began in May 2019, and in December of the same year I obtained the Black Belt # 106 certificate. After hours, I work with the Department of Biotechnology to develop and grow now spieces. Preffer to rest deep underwater.

Piotr Owczarek

I have always been attracted to technology, so it was obvious to me to study a course related to it - telecommunications at the Poznan University of Technology. Currently, I can boast of considerable, over 15-year-old network experience, proven by many implementations. From the beginning of my career, I have shared my knowledge and experience with others by conducting trainings related to various solutions in the wide area of telecommunications. I have been a certified Extreme Networks instructor for 7 years. Since I started running trainings, work has ceased to be just a job, it has also become a passion - I love doing it ! I have several publications and speeches at conferences. Thanks to work I have been able to travel and I like it very much. My paradise on Earth is Italy, I love going there with my family. I'm learning Italian, I'm interested in everything related to this country: culture, food, tradition and music. Infrequent moments of my free time are also filled with another of my many passions – drums.

Damian Zelisko

In my younger years I was always the one who repaired computers in the family and explained how to use them to others. Today this trend continues. I build my own Smarthome by myself and try to implement technological innovations in my life and the lives of those around me. I am a typical Geek. Working at Versim taught me that when using new technologies, you can't forget about things like online security, and that not everything in this area is black and white. I also know that new threats and tools are emerging to deal with them. I really like to share this knowledge, that's why I enjoy being a trainer.

Konrad Grzybowski

When I graduated from the Poznań University of Technology, I was convinced that, like most of my colleagues, I would be working with Cisco Systems equipment, and my professional work would be limited to VLAN and OSPF configuration. Fortunately, on my professional path there was an opportunity to design and implement Extreme Networks solutions. Now I can boast of 10 years of experience in working with these solutions, supported by many large projects and installations. A milestone in my career was the introduction of Fabric Connect solutions by Extreme, which completely and forever changed my perception of building backbone and campus networks. Working as a trainer at Versim ATP gives me the opportunity to share my enthusiasm and passion for SPB networks. My second passion is motorization and everything related to it. I am currently in the process of realizing my childhood dream which is rebuilding a classic 1960s Ford Mustang V8.


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