FAMOC Certified Administrator

The FAMOC Certified Administrator (FCA) course introduces you to the Famoc program through a series of lectures and exercises. FCA is a basic administrative training that allows you to familiarize yourself with the architecture of the MDM solution. Classes cover issues of managing the organization, users and client devices. Participants will also learn about available policies, configuration options, and effective management of applications at the system level for the client's needs. In addition, they will learn about remote access, how to troubleshoot and monitor devices. The course ends with an exam, and passing it results in obtaining the FAMOC Certified Administrator certificate.


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Day 1
FAMOC – introduction, solution architecture
Organization, users, roles
Lab 1: Organization, users and roles
Platform preparation
APNS certificate
Managed Google Account
Device Enrollment
Lab 2: Single Enrollment
BULK Enrollment
Samsung Premium API
Device containerization
Lab 3: Configurations

Device management
Lab 6: Device management
Fleet management
Lab 7: Reports
Remote access
Lab 8: Remote access
Lab 9: Enabling devices logs
Lab 10: Maintenance mode
Lab 11: Device Wipe
Case studies

Duration: 2 days
Validity of the certificate: 18 months
Requirements: none
A course dedicated to Partners and Customers.

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